Professional Experience

  • Izmir Institute of Technology

    Associate Professor 2016-Present
    Assistant Professor2014-2016
  • Doğuş University

    Assistant Professor2010-2013

Visiting Positions

  • University of North Carolina Charlotte 2013-2014

  • University of Virginia5/2012-9/2012


  • University of Virginia

    PhD, Mathematics 2010
  • Koç University

    MS, Mathematics 2007
    BS, Mathematics and Computer Engineering (double major)2004

Research Interests

  • Partial Differential equations

  • Systems theory; control

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13. Designing right endpoint boundary feedback stabilizers for the linearized Korteweg-de Vries equation using left endpoint boundary measurements, arXiv:1804.05682 [math.OC] (with A. Batal), submitted


12. The initial-boundary value problem for the biharmonic Schrödinger equation on the half-line, arXiv:1802.10499 [math.AP] (with N. Yolcu), submitted


11. Pseudo-backstepping and its application to the control of Korteweg-de Vries equation from the right endpoint on a finite domain, arXiv:1801.07206 [math.OC] (with A. Batal), submitted


10. Blow-up of solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations with oscillating nonlinearities, Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, January 2019, Pages 539-558


9. Boosting the decay of solutions of the linearized Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation to a predetermined rate from the boundary, International Journal of Control (with E. Arabacı), forthcoming


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Contact info

  • Department of Mathematics
  • İzmir Institute of Technology
  • Urla İzmir
  • 35430 Turkey

  • Email: turkerozsari@iyte.edu.tr
  • Phone: +90 232 750 7760
  • Fax: +90 232 750 7777

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