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The AID Lab

ME 352 Automatic Control
ME 570 Computational Intelligence
ME 578 Probabilistic Reasoning
ME 583 Industrial Fault Detection & Id.

We work on the analysis of the time series from dynamic systems to extract the information carried in the series.
  • Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Fault Detection, and  Identification

We have applied the following to the analyses

  • Fourier & Hilbert Transforms,
  • Chaos Theory, Nonlinear Invariants
  • Statistical Properties
  • Entropy, in general.

The Essence of Diagnostics for Failure-likely Components

Unexpected system or component failures are detrimental to any business, and may mean interruption in the whole line of work, causing financial losses many times the component's worth.. Therefore, predicting the failures and preventing them and/or taking precautions even before they took place is the sensible strategy .

Preventive diagnosis is a method in which some characteristic parameters of an operating system are monitored and analyzed on-line and possible failures can be perceived before they occur, hopefully, revealing adequate tell-tale signs for an early warning. A general  diagnostics may be proposed for each and every case based on experiencial and theoretic knowledge.