1.  Workshop "Modern Problems of Quantum Field Theory and Elementary

Particle Physics" - Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1979.(s)


2.  Workshops "Quantum Theory of Solitons" - Leningrad, USSR, 1980, 1982, 1984.(s)


3.  All-Union School on Nonlinear Waves - Gorkiy, USSR, 1981.(s)


4.  International Seminars on Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics

- Zvenigorod, USSR, 1982; - Yurmala, USSR, 1985.(s)


5.  Department of Nuclear Physics Acad.of Sci.USSR Sessions -

Moscow, USSR, 1982, 1983.(s)


6.  CERN-JINR School of Physics - Tabor, Czechoslovakia, 1983.(s)


7.  All-Union Workshop "Landau-Lifshitz Equation" - Kiev, Ukraina, 1984.(i)


8.  III International Simposium on Selected Problems of Statistical

Mechanics - Dubna, USSR, 1984.(s)


9.  All Union Workshops "Solitons and Applications" - Dubna, USSR, 1985; - Yurmala,

Latvia, 1986; - Puschino, USSR, 1987.(i)


10.  6th All-Union Colloquium "Modern Group Analysis: Methods and

Applications" - Baku, Azerbaijan, 1988.(s)


11.  Workshop "Representation Theory and Group Theoretical Methods in

Physics" - Tambov, Russia, 1989.(s)


12.  4th International Workshop "Solitons and Applications" - Dubna, USSR, 1989.(i)


13.  4th International Workshop on Nonlinear and Turbulent processes in

Physics "Nonlinear World" - Kiev, Ukraina, 1989.(s)


14.  18 th International Colloquium on Group - Theoretical methods in

Physics - Moscow , Russia, 1990.(s)


15.  6th International Workshop on Nonlinear Evolution Equations  and

Dynamical Systems (NEEDS') - Dubna, USSR, 1990.(i)


16.  Aspects of Nonlinear Dynamics: "Solitons and Chaos" - Brussels, Belgium,1990. (i)


17.  7th International Workshop "NEEDS'- 91" -  Gallipoli, Italy , 1991.(i)


18.  8th International Workshop on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and

Dynamical Systems(NEEDS') - Dubna, Russia, 1992.(i)


19.  Seminar on Quantum Groups - Florence, Italy, 1993.(i)


20.  International Workshop ''Symmetry Methods in Physics" - in memory of

Prof. Ya.A.Smorodinsky - Dubna, Russia, 1993.(s)


21.  Workshop ''The Secrets of Quantum Intuition" - Dubna, Russia, 1993.(i)


22.  9th International Workshop ''NEEDS'- 93" -  Gallipoli, Italy , 1993.(i)


23.  34. Internationale Universit\"{a}tswochen f\"{u}r Kern- und

Teilchenphysik, ''Low-Dimensional Models in Statistical Physics and Quantum

Field Theory", Schladming, Austria, 1995.(s)


24.  Conference on Topological and Geometrical Problems related to Quantum

Field Theory, Trieste, Italy, 1995.


25.  Spring School on String Theory, Gauge Theory and Quantum Gravity,

Trieste, Italy, 1995.


26.  Conference on Recent Developments in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum

Field Theory, Trieste, Italy, 1995.


27.  Nonlinear  Physics. Theory and Experiment, Gallipoli, Italy, 1995.(i)


28.  Workshop ''The Secrets of Quantum Intuition in Physics

and Mathematics" , 18-20 July, Dubna, Russia, 1995.(i)


29.  VII International Conference on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics,

Dubna, Russia, 1995.(s)


30.  II International Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems.

Algebraic Methods and Lie Algebra Contractions, Dubna, Russia, 1996.(s)


31.  Second Conference on Constrained Dynamics and Quantum Gravity,

(in honor of Tullio Regge 65's), Santa Margerita, Italy, September 1996.(s)


32.  11th International Workshop ''NEEDS'- 97" -  Crete, Greece , June, 1997.(i)


33.  International Seminar ''Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries"

(in memory of V.I.Ogievetsky), Dubna, Russia, July, 1997.(i)


34.  VIII International Conference Symmetry Methods in Physics,

(dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Prof. Ya.A.Smorodinsky

Dubna, Russia, July, 1997.(s)


35.  V International Workshop on Differential Equations and

Scientific Computations, Taipei, Taiwan, 1998.(i)


36.  VII International Workshop on Differential Equations and

its Applications, Hui-Sun Forest Park, Nat. Chung-Hsing Univ, Taiwan, 1999.(i)


37.  Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999.(i)


38.  13th International Workshop ''NEEDS'- 99" -  Chania, Crete, Greece , 1999.(i)


39.  Nonlinearity Integrability and all that. Twenty years after NEEDS' 79. - Gallipoli (Lecce), Italy, 1999.(i)


40.  1999 International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis. Nonlinear

Partial Differential Equations and Calculus of Variation. In Celebration

of the Sixtieth Birthday of Fon-Che Liu, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999.(s)


41.  Kruskal 2000. Conference on Integrable Systems in celebration of M. D. Kruskal's 75th birth-year, - Adelaide, Australia, 2000.(i)


42.  International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and its Applications - ICMAA 2000, Kaoshiung, Taiwan, 2000.(s)


43.  Workshop on Soliton Theory, Integrable systems and related topics - Taipei, Taiwan, 2000.(i)


44.  14th International Workshop "NEEDS'- 2000" - Gokova, Turkey, 2000.(i)


45.   13th Turkish Mathematical Society Symposium - Istanbul, Turkey, 2000.(s)


46.   Nonlinear Physics: Theory and Experiment. II - Gallipoli, Italy, 2002 (i)


47.   International Workshop on Differential Equations - Istanbul, Turkey, 2002 (i)



(i) - Invited talk,  (s) - Sectional talk