The Shotokan Karate Do


Shotokan Karate is known for it's simplicity and effectiveness. One might say that our techniques are based on the correct application of body dynamics. One also learns to apply patience, discipline, co-ordination and balance in concert with the delivery of Shotokan techniques. We emphasize harmonious use of mind and body. At the heart of traditional Shotokan Karate training is the developement of character as well as the conditioning of one's body. In Karate Do, respect for others, calmness, and perfection of character take priorty over physical skills. Even though Shotokan's techniques can produce very effective results, Shotokan Karate is much more than a form of fighting. It is a discipline. For some, it is a catalyst that impacts, sharpens and improves all aspects of their lives.

Shotokan Karate has also become known as the sport with a purpose and might be considered as the most ideal physical exercise for children and adults of all ages. Shotokan style Karate offers great benefits such as, greater focus, increased self-esteem, increased self-discipline, calmness, and a more positive attitude toward life, as well as,a knowledge of self-defense. The main focus of Shotokan Karate training is the perfection of character.

There are as many reasons to take Shotokan Karate as there are people who take it. Each individual has his or her own reason for training in Shotokan Karate. However, three reasons, stand out above the rest.

SHOTOKAN KARATE AS A PATH TO SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Some people take Shotokan Karate as a means to improve themselves. Shotokan Karate can offer rigorous physical fitness training and a way to improve speed, power, flexibility, coordination and confidence. Shotokan Karate is also studied by some to enhance inner peace and strength.

SHOTOKAN KARATE AS A SPORT: A great many people take Shotokan Karate as a recreational sport. Some take it to develop skill and technique (as demonstrated in the floor exercises, or "Kata"), while others who may enjoy competition, take it for the sparring (limited contact fighting against an opponent, or "Kumite"). Most people that begin Shotokan Karate training find that they enjoy both aspects of this sport. In addition to there being regional and national competitions held throughout the country, the International Olympics Committee has accepted Shotokan Karate as a future Olympic event.

SHOTOKAN KARATE FOR SELF-DEFENSE: Shotokan Karate is a very effective way to counter an attacker. It teaches techniques to subdue or disable. It conditions the reflexes to react instinctively if attacked. Best of all, no weapons are needed, so Shotokan Karate can be used whenever and wherever necessary.

Regardless of your reason for taking Shotokan Karate, the time invested in it will return a lifetime of benefits.