Düşünen benim gölge2Love in ME Department


When I first saw you in the department

Heat transferred from my skin to the ambient.

A steady state flow developed in my heart;

After the critical point it became turbulent.

                                My blood was so much pressurized that                      

The cracks on my vessels started to propagate.

I felt myself compressed under huge forces;

I could hardly bear this disgusting process.

Unavoidably I was about to reach my yield point;

High stresses were applied at my every single joint.

I couldn’t stop tear leakage from my eyes,

While my face was turning red like hot dies.

My legs started vibrating and my teeth

Made lots of noise at the critical speed.

I tought that I would split into two

When I understood that I loved you!


Gökhan Kiper       

  April 2003