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+(90) 232 750 6646

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· Ph.D., The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI USA

· M.Sc., Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey

· B.S., Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey



Honors and Awards

1. The Higher Education Board of Turkey, Graduate Fellowship, 1994 -1998.

2. The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey, Young Researcher Incentive Award, 1992.

3. Middle East Technical University, High honor in senior year.



Research Interests

Heterogeneous catalysis, environmental catalysis, photo-catalysis, electro-catalysis, novel catalyst synthesis, catalyst characterization, sol-gel processing, micro-reactors, with the focus on:

· Hydrogen Energy

· Renewable Energy

· Fuel Processing

· Biofuels

· Biodiesel from microalgae and vegetable oils

· Fuel Cells

· Catalytic Combustion

· Catalytic NOx and VOC abatement



Selected Publications


1. I. Onal, D. Duzenli, A. Seubsai, M. Kahn, E. Seker and S. Senkan, “Propylene Epoxidation: High-Throughput Screening of Supported Metal Catalysts Combinatorially Prepared by Rapid Sol-Gel Method”, Topics in Catalysis, 53(1-2), 92 (2010).

2. B. Weidenhof, M. Reiser, K. Stöwe, W. F. Maier, M. Kim, J. Azurdia, E. Gulari, E. Seker, A. Barks, and R.M. Laine, “High-Throughput Screening of Nanoparticle Catalysts Made by Flame Spray Pyrolysis as Hydrocarbon/NO Oxidation Catalysts”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131(26), 9207 (2009). Research Highlights on This Article In Nature Chemistry

3. E.S. Umdu, M. Tuncer, E. Seker, “Transesterification of Nannochloropsis oculata microalga’s lipid to biodiesel on Al2O3 supported CaO and MgO catalysts”, Bioresource Technology, 100, 2828 (2009). Top 25 Hottest Articles

4. E. Seker, “The catalytic reforming of bio-ethanol over SiO2 supported ZnO catalysts: The role of ZnO loading and the steam reforming of acetaldehyde”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 33(8), 2044 (2008).

5. E. Seker and E. Gulari, “Single-Step Sol-Gel Made Gold/Alumina Catalyst for Selective Reduction of NOx under Oxidizing Conditions:  Effect of Gold Precursor and Reaction Conditions”, Applied Catalysis A:General, 232, 203 (2002).

6. E. Seker, N. Yasyerli, E. Gulari, Christine Lambert and Robert H. Hammerle, “NO reduction by Urea under Lean Conditions over Single Step Sol-Gel Cu/Alumina Catalyst”, Journal of Catalysis, 208, 15­ (2002).


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