Carbon Nanostructures Laboratory

Department of Physics

Izmir Institute of Technology

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The areas we focus on are the common areas for Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Material Science.

We work on the growth and characterization of carbon based nanomaterials, mostly carbon nanotubes.


We also work on functionalization of carbon nanotubes to have a good suspention of them in solutions.

To grow carbon nanotubes we use sevaral techniques including thernal chemical vapor depostion (CVD), Hot-wire CVD and arc discharge in solution.

For the characterization of the CNTs we utilize range of techniques from Raman spectroscopy, SEM, TEM, TGA, XRD, EDX to FTIR.


Our Lab is supported by several Tubitak projects and IYTE-BAP projects.



Nanotechnology is a general name for manufacturing, manipulating, measuring matter below 100 nm (1nm=10-9 m), and it is today’s one of the hot topics. Recent achievements using nanotechnology on biotechnology, materials and solid state science attracted great attention.