FE 502

Advanced Food Quality Control

Fall Semester

  Instructor:    Assoc. Prof. Figen KOREL

                        Food Engineering Department

Phone: (232) 7506228

e-mail: figenkorel@iyte.edu.tr

Office hours: Monday and Tuesday 9:00-11:00 or any other time when available


Class Format: Classroom instruction Monday, 13:00-16:00

Catalog Description: Principles of Quality Control System design in a food plant with emphasis on total quality management. Reviwe of the statistical background of quality control as applied to food quality attributes. Quality control charts, sampling techniques and acceptance sampling plans as applied to foods and beverages.

Course Objectives:

1)      To introduce basic concepts of quality control and quality assurance.

2)      To give an overview of quality control and quality assurance in Food Industry.

3)      To learn some statistical quality control tools with applications in Food Industry.

4)      To cover up-to-date national and international food standards and food legislations.

Course Resources:

Text books:

         Kramer, A. and B.A. Twigg. (1970). Quality Control for the Food Industry. Westport, Connecticut: AVI.

         Hutchings, J.B. (1999). Food Color and Appearance. Gaithersburg, Maryland: Aspen.

         Bourne, M.C. (2002). Food Texture and Viscosity: Concept and Measurement. San Diego, California: Academic.

         Goetsch, D. L. and S. Davis. (2002). Quality Management: Introduction to Total Quality Management  for Production, Processing, and Services. Place: Prentice Hall Publisher.

Journals containing food quality control articles:

        Journal of Food Quality and Preference

        Journal of Food Quality

        Journal of Food Science

        Journal of Sensory Studies

        Journal of Texture Studies

        Food Technology

        Food Research International

        Internation Journal of Dairy Technology

        Jornal of Dairy Research

        Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

Grading System:

Written midterm exam 30%

Critique of a research article 20%

Project work and presentation 20%

Final exam 30%


Lecture Topics for Fall Semester

Lecture Topic


Review of statistics relevant to QA/QC

Control charts, sampling and sampling plans

Quality factors in foods

Test methods

Food color and appearance

Texture analysis

Viscosity and consistency

Flavor of foods


Midterm exam

Quality assurance systems

Quality management system in food industry

Project presentations

Final exam

Note that lectures are subject to change.