Aegean Tech News - 7.2 MW installed capacity windmill park is started full operation 27 November 1998.

Ergun Ozakat - Honorary Chairman of Entropy Microsystems.

From right to left;
Mr. Steve J. Andrews to whom this project owes very much. He has backed the team shown here at several meetings, with suppliers and government of Turkey. This is the historical first BOT wind energy permission of Turkey.

A Short History Of ARES

Many years have passed since Seawest has taught the modern way measuring wind to us through Mr. James D. Richards who now have the responsibility of construction of wind power for ENRON in Europe. The ARES - Alaçati Ruzgar Ajansi A.S. is born through the co-operative work and vision of the following people; Ergün Ozakat, Honorary Chairman of Entropy Microsystems, started modern way of wind measurement in 1992, Major of Alaçati Remzi Özen has given support for the sites to measure the wind, Ahmet Ali Akkas of Entropy Microsystems which still gather and evaluate the measurement data from the site, Mehmet Hanagasioglu General Manager of Interwind, Switzerland worked on the project presentation to the officials, Steve J. Andrews managing director of Lockheed - Martin of U.S.A. in Turkey whose support from the beginning especially in difficult times will never be forgotten, Metin Atamer of Interwind from Ankara for the follow up the permissions, visionaries Kemal Zorlu, Tugrul Yemisci and Yaman Alevok of Güçbirligi Holding at final stage of the project. We should have also mention many other hard working people both foreign and local. Especially in the beginning, Jan S. Gronkjaer - Nordex who could not join to the project the last moment. Those outstanding people who made this project one of the fastest wind farm erection project of the world.


Mehmet Hanagasioglu- Interwind A.G., Mads Hansen - Vestas, Rene Jensen - Vestas, Ergun Ozakat - Entropy Microsystems, Jesper Ostergeard - Vestas, Paul Andreasen - Vestas

A Short History Of Cesme wind mills of 1962 - 1978

Summer House of Ergun Ozakat was powered by some of the following experimental home-made wind mills with 24 volt batteries.

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