Prof.Dr. Başak İPEKOĞLU

(Chairperson of Department)

Adress: İzmir Institute of Technology
Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architectural Restoration
Gülbahçe/ URLA/ İZMİR 35430 TURKEY
Phone: 0232 7507075
Fax: 0232 7507012
E-mail: basakipekoglu [at]
Educational Background:

B.Sc.: Gazi University (ADMMYO), Department of Architecture (1978)

M.Arch.: Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Restoration (1981)

Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Architecture (1993)
Certificate on Stone Conservation, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), Venice - ITALY (1979)
Certificate on Preventive Conservation in Museums, ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property), Rome - ITALY (1982)
Professional and Academic Experience:
2006-2009: Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, İYTE
1996-...:     Chairperson of Department of Restoration, İYTE

2006-....:    Professor Dr.- Department of Architectural Restoration, İYTE

1998-2006: Associate Professor Dr. - Department of Architectural Restoration, İYTE
1996-1998: Assistant Professor Dr. - Department of Architectural Restoration, İYTE
1994-1996: Assistant Professor Dr. -Department of Environmental Engineering, Atatürk University
1990-1994: Instructor - Department of Environmental Engineering, Atatürk University 
1989-1990: Instructor - Department of Art History, Ankara University. 
1985-1989: Secretary at the National Committee of Turkey of ICOMOS 

1982–1989: Architect-restorer, Head of Department of Preservation Planning, Head of Department of Documentation and     Planning in the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums at the Ministry of Culture. 

1979-1981: Architect at the APU Limited Company 
1978-1979: Research assistant, Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture 
1976-1977: Assistant at the Office of Cengiz Bektaş 
M.Sc. Thesis:

(İpekoğlu) Acar B. 1981. “The Preservation and Development Plan of Eskişehir - Historic Site”, Master Thesis in Restoration, Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Restoration, Ankara.

Ph.D. Thesis:

İpekoğlu (Acar) B. 1993. “Buildings with Combined Functions in Anatolian Seljuk Architecture - An Evaluation of Design Principles, Past and Present Functions”, Ph.D. Thesis in Restoration, Architecture, Middle East Technical University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Ankara.



Full publication list

Research Interest:

Conservation of monuments 

Conservation of traditional historic districts 

Historic construction materials 

Anatolian Seljuk Architecture 


Courses Offered:

RES 501 Architectural Design in Restoration I

RES 502 Architectural Design in Restoration II
RES 511 Preservation and Development Methods of Historic Environment
RES 531 Historical Structural Systems
RES 598 Research Seminar
AR 221 History and Theory of Architecture I 
AR 222 History and Theory of Architecture II 
AR 321 History and Theory of Architecture III 
AR 322 History and Theory of Architecture IV 
AR 501 Architectural Design Studio 
AR 515 Space Concept and Building Aspects in Seljuk Architecture 
AR 516 Design Characteristics of Ottoman Architecture 
AR 525 Evolution of the Built Environment 
AR 724 Study of Selected Periods in the History of Architecture 
AR 725 Architectural Design Approaches in Conservation 
CP 775 Survey, Analysis and Evaluation of Historic Environment

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