The Restoration Project and Application Consulting of
İzmir Mithatpaşa Highschool for Industrial Training


Governorship of  İzmir


Prof. Dr. Ahmet EYÜCE


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Başak İPEKOĞLU (Architect-Restorer)
Inst.Dr. Mine HAMAMCIOĞLU (Architect-Restorer)



Construction Responsible Yapı  Merkezi
Structural Consultation Chamber of Civil Engineers İzmir Section
Duration April - October 1997



İzmir Mithatpaşa Highschool for Industrial Training’ is one of the examples of education buildings which were products of Ottoman Modernisation in the late 19th century. This historic monument was seriously damaged during the fire on March 31 th, 1997. Starting from 1891, it was used as an education building until the date of fire. The local autority decided the building to start functioning on October 1997.

View of the Building from Mithatpaşa Street in early 20th century
(Namık Kemal Nomak Collection)

The primary approach of the project had been both to conserve the original features and to rehabilitate the damages of fire, and to provide the necessary interventions required by contemporary uses. The fire had caused serious damages on the upper floor, ending at the complete demolition of the timber trussed roof.


General View during the Fire 
(Yeni Asır Newspaper Diapositive Archives, March 31st ,1997) 

First, the structural interventions were made, and then the roof was reconstructed in its original form. The plasters damaged by the fire and the water were renewed with compatetive compositions. The joinery work of the doors and windows were reconstructed of timber. The decoration of ceilings were restored and the entrance facade was cleaned and partially completed.


An Interior View from the Main Staircase after Restoration  
(İZTECH Faculty of Architecture Photography Archives)

Finally, the additional buildings of poor quality on the West side of the monument were removed resulting in the re-establishment of the visual identity at this side. The area was organised as an open space with the necessary outdoor furniture.


View of Building and Courtyard from the West after Restoration 
(İZTECH Faculty of Architecture Photography Archives)

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