The Restoration Project Consultationof the Remains of the Warehouses
for the Historical Tramway in Güzelyalı
(in the Context of Adnan Saygun Art Center Project)


Tevfik Tozkoparan, Architect
Tozkoparan Mimarlık Bürosu, İzmir


Assist.Prof.Dr. Mine HAMAMCIOĞLU


15 January - 15 February 2001

The Aim, the Significance, and the Expected Outcomes of the Project:

The warehouse of the historical tramway in Güzelyalı, İzmir has been destructed extensively. The municipality has decided to construct Adnan Saygun Art Center in its place. However, the conservation of the historical remains has been one of the primary concerns of the new art center project.

Within the content of the consultation work, the cultural resources subjected to study are first identified and evaluated. Second, the general approach of conservation for the project whole has been defined considering specifically the remains subjected to study.

The tramway system between Konak and Güzelyalı, the residential district at the south of İzmir bay, was connected to Karşıyakaya via the fairyboat wharfs in Konak, the city center, and Karşıyaka, the residential settlement at the north of the bay. This historical public transportation system dated 1884. The remains of the warehouse in which the maintenance and storage functions of the tramcars were carried out are historical documents representing the transformation of the urban layout in 19th century. 

The main approach of interventions was defined within the frame of contemporary theory of conservation. Authentic architectural data were clearified after restitution study.


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