Preliminary Investigation of Stone Deterioration  Problems at Anamur and Silifke Citadels for the
 Purpose of Conservation

Employer       İ. Yavuz ÖZKAYA, Architect Restorer
                      PROMET Proje Mimarlık Restorasyon Şti., Ankara

Responsible  Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hasan BÖKE

Duration       15 October - 15 November 2001

The Aim, the Significance, and the Expected Outcomes of the Project:

Anamur ve Silifke citadels are situated within an area rich in archaeological and natural beauties. They have survived through the centuries despite the damaging effects of nature.

In this study, visualisation of the long term damages and their possible causes will be performed. Depending on these observations, the basic work that will be carried out at the site and the laboratory before the conservation interventions will be defined.


Anamur Kalesi, Başkule, İçel
(Yavuz Özkaya Koleksiyonu)


Silifke Kalesi, İçel
(Yavuz Özkaya Koleksiyonu)

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