Res.Assist. Barış Ali TİMUR

Adress: İzmir Institute of Technology
Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architectural Restoration
Gülbahçe/ URLA/ İZMİR 35430 TURKEY
Phone: 0232 7507029
Fax: 0232 7507012
E-mail: baristimur [at]
Educational Background:
Muğla Anatolian High School (1998)

B.Arch: Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Architecture (2003)

M.Sc.:Middle East Technical University (METU), Department of Architecture, Graduate Program in Restoration (2012)

Ph.D.: İzmir Institute of Technology, Department of Architectural Restoration (2014-....)

Professional and Academic Experience:
2010-2013: Architect, BAT Mimarlık Ofisi

2014-....: Research Assistant - Department of Architectural Restoration, İzmir Institute of Technology

M.Sc. Thesis:
Timur B.A., 2012. "A Study on Values, Problems and Potentials of the Traditional Dwellings in Karabağlar-Muğla", Master Thesis in Restoration, Middle East Technical University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Ankara.
(Supervised by: Prof.Dr. Gül ASATEKİN)

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