Industrial Design


Kaya, Nazife Aslı.
Analysis And Re-design Of An Outdoor Fitness Equipment's Mechanism, Nazife Aslı Kaya; thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Yılmaz, Hande
Optimization Of The Product Design Through Quality Function Deployment (QFD) And Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP): A Case Study In A Ceramic Washbasin, Hande Yılmaz; thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Erinçkan, Aykut The Intersections Between Lifestyles, Expectations And Furniture Design: Case Study On Ikea, Aykut Erinçkan; thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Tirit, Handan Strategic Brand Communication in Product Design, Handan Tirit; thesis advisor Emre Ergül.

Başarır, Selen
A Comparative Study On Design Of Turkish Coffee Brewing Machines For Self-Service: "Telve", "Kahwe" And "Gondol"/ Selen Başarır; thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Eti, Melek.
A critical analysis of the role of women designers in the progress of industrial product design in Turkey since the 80S/ Melek Eti; thesis advisor Önder Erkaslan.

Biricik, Aslı.
The role of logo design in creating brand emotion: a semiotic comparison of the apple and IBM logos/ Aslı Biricik; thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Dündar, Ali.
A critical approach on "synergetic geometry" of Buckminster fuller/ Ali Dündar;thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

İlhan, Özlem.
Analysis of graphical user interface design in the context of human-computer interaction (with a case study on oven control panel)/ Özlem İlhan;thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Gölpınar, Serden.
Comparative analysis of materials in recreational boat design: fiber reinforced plastic boat in serial production/ Serden Gölpınar;thesis advisor Önder Erkarslan.

Hafızoğlu Özkan, Özgü.
A research on footwear and foot interaction through anatomy and human engineering/ Özgü Hafızoğlu Özkan;thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Yiğit, Nergiz.
Industrial product design by using two-dimensional material in the context of origamic structure and integrity/ Nergiz Yiğit; Yavuz Seçkin.

Kaya, Erol
A study on street furniture design criteria for bus stops; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

An analytical survey on the role of packaging in ındustrial design; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

A survey on personal computer applications in industrial design process; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Sencer, Göze.
Design and Management of Brand Identity With an Action Research in Turkish Fashion Industry/ Göze Sencer;thesis advisor Şölen Kipöz.

Engineering concepts in industrial product design with a case study of bicycle design/ thesis advisor Can Özcan.

Altınkaya, Nilufer.
Mobile Display Design/ Nilufer Altınkaya; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Arslan, Fatih.
User-centered design criteria in automobile design with a case study of automobile dashboard design/ Fatih Arslan;thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Baykal, Halis Haluk.
The Role Of Industrial Design In Passenger Boat Building: Concept Design Of A Ferry For Marine Urban Transportation In İzmir Bay As A Case/ Halis Haluk Baykal; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Keshavarzi, Ferhan.
The Effect Of Engineering Criteria In The Application Of Cooling System And Air-Condition System Used In Trade Vehicles On Industrial Design Criteria/ Ferhan Keshavarzi; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Piker, Gürer.
Evaluation Of Product Sound Design Within The Context Of Emotion Design And Emotional Branding/ Gürer Piker; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Tezcanlı Eda.
An analytical surver on customization at modular systems in the context of industrial design/ Eda Tezcanlı; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Çetin, Aslı.
Applying product design methods to medical device design with a case study on home care devices/ Aslı Çetin;thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin.

Adaptable Kitchen Design in the Context of Standardization and Individualism; thesis advisor Yavuz Seçkin - co advisor Özlem Erkarslan

Aslan, Cansel Elif.
Quality function deployment: A method for user-centered design/ Cansel Elif Aslan; thesis advisor A. Can Özcan.

Aytaç, Aysun.
Memes And Memetics In Industrial Product Design/ Aysun Aytaç; thesis advisor A.Can Özcan.

Taşkın, Özlem.
Information and communication technologies for public use and interactive-multimedia city kiosks/ Özlem Taşkın;thesis advisor A.Can Özcan.

Arslan, Esra
The Indigenous Product Concept in Relation To International Design Industry: The Instruments Used In Preparing And Driking Tea And Coffee In Turkish Culture/ Esra Arslan; thesis advisor Şölen Kipöz.

Sancaktar, Aslı.
An analysis of shoe within the context ofsocial history of fashion/ Aslı Sancaktar;thesis advisor Şölen Kipöz.

Sönmez, Bahar.
Fashion and communication concept in industrial design/ Bahar Sönmez;thesis advisor Şölen Kipöz.

Riza, Aslan
Stages and Methods of Creativity in an Industrial Pruduct Development;(with a case study in bicycle design); thesis advisor, Yavuz Seçkin

Ozkaban, Memed Umut
Research on Ergonomics and Functional Aspects of Health Equipment with a Case Study Including Material and Production, thesis advisor, Yavuz Seçkin.